What is cancer and how does it work?


2) WHAT TYPE OF CANCER DID THE WOMEN IN THE PICTURE SUFFER FROM? What did the French government NOT allow her to do? Why? What would you have done if you were in her position?,8599,1724062,00.html


3)What type of cancer does this man have? How did he get it?

4) Can cell phone use cause cancer?


5) WHAT ARE some different types of cancers, their causes and symptoms? List at lease (3):

6) HOW IS CANCER TREATED? Name (3), or, more standard type treatments and at least (2) new cutting edge, or,holistic (natural) treatment available today:

7) HOW CAN CANCER BE PREVENTED? List (3) or more specific actions that you can take now to keep yourself healthy into old age:



8) What are the top two cancer killers of men? How about women? How about children? Which cancer is the most prevalent? Which types of cancers cause death in men, but not in women?

Videos and other interactives:

How Cancer Works

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