Use the website below to create a weather map, similar to the picture here,
based on the data provided. When you are done - you will take a picture of
your final product using the snipping tool. Then save this picture as your first and last name on your desktop in a JPEG format.


1) A cold front is moving southeast from Northern Oklahoma through central Michigan.

2) A warm front is moving north from Michigan's upper peninsula through Vermont.

3) The cold front and warm front, from #1 & #2, are connected by a Low Air Pressure over northern Michigan
and Lake Huron.

4) There is a Low Air Pressure between the border of Alabama & Mississippi with a cold front
attached to it moving east-southeast into the Gulf of Mexico.

5) A warm front headed northeast is connected to the Low Air pressure in Alabama.

6) The warm front from #5 changes into a stationary front spreading from the Gulf of Mexico through
central Florida and into the Atlantic Ocean. (the warm air symbol is facing north and the cold south)

7) A stationary front is attached to the cold front in northern Oklahoma and runs through Colorado into
the middle of Wyoming. (warm air symbol is north, cold is south)

8) This stationary front is connected to a warm front heading northeast from Wyoming to Washington.

9) There is a Low Air Pressure area over the eastern border of the State of Washington and Western
Montana that is attached to the warm front and a cold front moving southeast into Northern California.

10) There are two High Air Pressure areas: one over Canada, north of North Dakota; and one in Western
Texas near the New Mexico border.

11) Quite a bit of precipitation is falling around the country: we have light rain in northern Louisiana and
Eastern Tennessee. It is raining heavily in western Washington, southern Georgia, and off the western
coast of Florida in the Gulf of Mexico.

12) Heavy rain showers are being created by strong thunder storms in the Gulf and light thunderstorms
in Northern Florida. There is some light rain falling over northern Louisiana and eastern Tennesee
near the North Carolina border. There is also heavy rain falling off the cost of Washington near
the Pacific Ocean.

13) Heavy snow is falling in Montana, British Columbia Canada, and southern Ohio. The are light snow
showers between northern Colorado and Utah, Idaho, northern and southern Minnesota, southern Illinois,
western Kentucky, eastern Arkansas, New York, and all along the Canadian border north of the warm front.

WeatherMap 2017.JPG