We only have one Earth, lets keep it healthy.
Use the websites below to answer the questions about Earth Day.

Questions #1 - #3:

1) When was the 1st Earth day celebrated?

2) What is Earth Day credited for doing?

3) Rachel Carson wrote the book "Silent Spring" in 1962 - what connections did she
make between the environment and human activities?

4) What is the theme for Earth Day this year?

Questions #5 - #9:

5) Enough plastic is thrown away each year to circle the Earth how many times?

6) How long does it take plastic to biodegrade?

7) What is the Great Pacific Garbage Patch?

8) Samples taken in Lake Erie show that 85% of plastics exist in microscopic pieces that can end
up in our body as BPA, what effect can these particles have?

9) List two ways you can "Rise Above Plastics":

10) What types of action can you take to support Earth day? Choose (1) action you can take now and explain
how you will accomplish them. Also, choose one petition and sign it: Which one did you choose, why?

11) Why is it important to become positive stewards of the Earth now?

Check out these sites:

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