We only have one Earth, lets keep it healthy.
Use the websites below to answer the questions about Earth Day. Develop full
and complete sentences and restate the question in your answers:

Questions #1 - #5

1) When was the 1st Earth day celebrated?

2) How many people took part in the 1st Earth day?

3) What is Earth Day credited as doing?

4) Who began this event and why?

5) Rachel Carson wrote the book "Silent Spring" in 1962 - what connections did she
make between the environment and human activities?

6) What is the theme for Earth Day? Name three reasons why trees are so important:

7) What types of action can you take to support Earth day? Choose (3) actions you can take now and explain
how you will accomplish them. Also, choose one petition and sign it: Which one did you choose, why?

8) There are labels and logos that can help you protect the environment when your purchase things.
Find the logo for "recycle your cell phone" and "UV index". Read more about both and describe
what you learned.


9) What famous actor supports the environment and asks people to accept the facts about climate
change? What are (3) points he made in his Oscar speech?

10) What is the LDF and name (3) projects it is spearheading? What is the debt for nature swap in Seychelles
all about?

Check out these sites:

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