Groundwater & The Water Cycle:
Write out the questions below and answer in full and complete sentences into
your notebook. View all of the websites provided before you develop your answer.
Please, restate the question in your answer.

1) What is ground water and where does it come from?

2) How does water enter the ground?

3) What is infiltration and how does it work within the water cycle?


4) Why is ground water important to humans?

5) How can we conserve water? What does conservation mean?

6) How does ground water get contaminated (polluted)?

7) What do we need to do to clean water so that humans can safely
use it?

8) How does an aquifer work?

9) Where is the watershed in Monroe County? How does it work?

10) What are the ways in which ground water eventually makes it
back into the ocean?

11) How does the Ocean affect climate on Earth? Why is the ocean so
important to life on Earth?